Give Me 10 Minutes, I’ll Give You the Truth About Vitamin B12 Deficiency

B12 is a very important vitamin and plays a main role in the metabolism, yet some people still overlook it.

If we do not have the needed amount of B12 for a long time, neurological conditions and long-term diseases can occur. So, it is very important to know the warning signs of B12 deficiency and react and prevent a lot of health problems on time.

Get to know the signals of B12 deficiency and why this vitamin is important for your overall health. You can also get to know the foods that contain high amounts of B12.

Seven warning signs of B12 vitamin deficiency

  1. Weakness in the muscles
  • If you experience any difficulties when you carry home your grocery bags, it means that your muscles are not getting the amount of oxygen they need. Sluggishness and muscle weakness can be caused by B12 deficiency and irregular oxygenation of the muscle cells.
  1. Dizziness
  • Frequently experiencing lightheadedness or dizziness can be a signal that you may have a B12 vitamin deficiency. You may also get dizzy when you stand up from a chair too fast or when you walk up and down the stairs.

If you notice symptoms of vertigo, consult a doctor because the situation may be very serious.

  1. Forgetfulness
  • If you happen to forget usual things daily, that does not necessarily mean you have dementia, but it can also mean you lack B12 vitamin. A lot of people jump to conclusion that they have Alzheimer’s or dementia when the really have lack of B12 vitamin.

To determine your condition you can do a blood test and improve your memory with the right supplements.

  1. Eye problems
  • Having a B12 vitamin deficiency for a long time can damage or change your vision. Although it is rare, but B12 deficiency can also cause an optic neuropathy, which will cause your vison to be blurred, doubled or reduced. However there are a lot of supplements that can help to improve your vision.
  1. Pale skin
  • Remember when you had rosy cheeks? Having a pale skin is probably caused by a B12 deficiency which means you lack erythrocytes. In this time, the production of bilirubin is high and it replaces your rosy cheeks with pale skin.
  1. Pins and Needles
  • B12 vitamin deficiency can cause Pins and Needles (Paraesthesia). If you notice that you have tingling, numbing, prickling sensation in the hands and feet or electric shock waves through all the body it is due to the nerve damage caused by the deficiency of B12.

Suffering from B12 deficiency means that the production of erythrocytes is decreased and the nerve tissues do not get the needed amount of oxygen.

  1. Unexplained fatigue
  • Feeling tired even though you are sleeping as you should is a signal of B12 deficiency. The unexplained tiredness appears because of the decreased production of erythrocytes, this leads in a low amount of oxygen being transported to the organs.

Health benefits of Vitamin B12

Read the following list to discover and understand the importance of the B12 vitamin.

  1. Prevents nerve damage

The natural cover of the nerves is myelin sheath and its main role is to protect them from toxins and radical damage. If the nerves are missing this cover, they can easily be damaged and killed which will lead to nerve-related disorders.

When you have dead nerves the transmission of signals from and to the brain will be difficult.

  1. Prevents heart disease and strokes
  • Everyone should take serious measures for protecting themselves from heart disease because it is one of the lead causes of death. It is proven that increased levels of homocysteine can be the cause of a heart disease. This can cause inflammation if there is a deficiency of B12 vitamin. Nonetheless, this vitamin decreases the homocysteine’s level and the danger of heart disease and strokes.
  1. Helps digestion
  • Digestive enzymes are created with the help of the vitamin B12, and these enzymes are very helpful with the breakdown of food and with keeping a healthy metabolism. Vitamin B12 helps in removing the harmful bacteria in the digestive tract and in promoting the good bacteria in your gut.

This prevents inflammatory bowel disease, digestive problems and candida.

  1. Energy
  • Vitamin B12 promotes the production of energy, keeping your cells healthy and well-fed. You may feel tired and weak constantly if you have a B12 deficiency. In order for your body to convert carbs into glucose, which has a crucial role in the production of energy, the metabolism needs B12 vitamin. So, if you have a deficit of B12, you will experience fatigue.
  1. Helps the bones
  • B12 vitamin is highly recommended for patients who have osteoporosis or for anyone with bone problems. As previously mentioned, B12 vitamin reduces the homocysteine’s levels, which makes it an excellent supplement for this type of patients.
  1. Prevents anemia and helps with the production of erythrocytes
  • B12 vitamin will prevent megaloblastic anemia caused by chronic fatigue and weakness due to its help with the production of erythrocytes.

Natural sources of vitamin B12

Foods that have a high level of B12 vitamin:

  • Beef and chicken liver (81 mg in three ounces)
  • Salmon 5 mg in 108 gr (one filet)
  • Herring – 18.7 mg in 143 gr (1 filet)
  • Mackerel – 15.3 mg in three ounces
  • Sardines – 13.3 mg in one cup
  • Tuna – 9.3 mg in three ounces
  • Trout – 9.1 mg in one filet
  • Organic yogurt – 1.3 mg in one container (plain Greek yogurt)
  • Turkey – 1.1 mg in three ounces
  • Beef tenderloin 9 mg in three ounces
  • Lamb – 0.8 mg in three ounces

This vitamin can also be found in sources that are not vegan: cereals, cheese, plant milk (coconut milk, almond milk, and soy milk), nutritional yeasts.

B12 has a crucial role in the overall health and protects us from a lot of diseases and health problems.

All in all, discovering the early symptoms of B12 vitamin deficiency is crucial to treat it and prevent more problems.

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Source Healthy Food House | Organic and Healthy

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