This is The Most Healing Salt in The World, It Can Treat Over 20 Diseases

Himalayan salt is one of the purest and healthiest salts in the world and this makes it one of our most valuable food additives.

Originating from the Himalayan caves and more than 250 million years old, it is still to this day removed from the caves by hand and washed afterwards.

The table salt is prepared by the crushing of the highest quality rocks whereas the relaxing baths and treatments are prepared from the larger rocks.

The salt is dried in the sun first and after that placed in organic sacks so as to maintain its purity and properties.  Because of its strong flavor you can lower your daily intake of salt significantly since Himalayan salt is used in lesser amounts than ordinary salt.

People have been aware of and appreciated its many beneficial properties for ages.  It was used as a trade good in Korea and the Romans paid their soldiers in the salt.

Unlike ordinary salt, Himalayan salt does not raise blood pressure because it does not increase sodium and potassium concentrations.  In addition, the salt provides many other health benefits.

A vital nutrient is the sodium, which balances the body’s concentration of electrolytes, maintains normal muscle functioning and controls blood pressure.

Himalayan salt also enhances blood circulation in the arms and legs.

The content of Himalayan salt includes up to 84 components which are also present in the human body, therefore supplying a large number of vital vitamins and minerals.  Due to the fact they are so small, the minerals can be digested easily and the high content of magnesium, sodium, calcium and iron can improve our health.

Himalayan salt is also called ‘white gold’ due to its numerous benefits to our health, which are listed below:

  • Promoting heart health and improving blood circulation
  • Normalizing the digestive process and metabolism
  • Regulating levels of blood sugar and preventing diabetes
  • Purification and detoxification of the blood
  • Useful for inhalations in treating sore throats, asthma, bronchitis and sinus problems
  • Regulation of electrolyte and water levels in the body
  • Prevention of muscle cramps
  • Treatment of respiratory tract problems, especially sinus problems
  • Strengthening the bones, especially in children
  • Regeneration of brain cells and improved concentration and sleep
  • Supports proper functioning of the kidney and liver
  • Balances levels of cell pH
  • Boosts energy, promotes positive thinking and enhances mood
  • It is absorbed easily and prevents the organism from dehydrating
  • Has no negative side effects on the body’s organs such as the kidneys or stomach.
  • Slows down the aging process

Add it to your food and its delicious flavor will enhance the taste of all your meals.  And remember to put a Himalayan salt lamp close to your TV or computer so that you can minimize any dangerous electromagnetic radiation.

The health of the skin, our largest body organ, is linked to the health of all our internal organs.  That is why a nice, warm bath with Himalayan salt provides numerous benefits.  All the minerals that your skin absorbs will help stabilize bio-points and fill you with energy.

Himalayan salt baths can be useful in the following cases:

  • Recovering from an operation,
  • Gynecological problems,
  • Wounds, insect bites and blisters,
  • Rheumatism and joint diseases,
  • Skin irritations,
  • Various skin diseases,

Such baths provide a detox treatment which is similar to a 3- day fast.  To achieve best results, you should make sure that the salt concentration in the water is similar to that of the body.

Put 30 grams salt in 30 liters of water and, as the average bath is filled with around 100 to 120 liters of water, that means you need 120 g salt.  You should make the temperature of the water around 37 degrees.

Soak in this bath for around 30 minutes then wipe off with a clean towel and relax for 40 minutes.  Apart from the Himalayan salt, you need not add anything else.

Depending on the weight and packaging of this little white miracle, the price can range from 1 to 3 dollars.  It can be ordered online or found in health food stores and herbal pharmacies.

Himalayan salt is made up of 100% crystal salt with some added supplements and can help treat cellulite, dry skin, herpes or be used as a deodorant.

You may feel a slight tingling sensation or minor irritation upon using it as a result of the skin detoxifying action but this will go away in a few minutes.  There is no need to use soap or creams afterwards.

The salt is of great benefit in cases of acne, rashes and other skin problems.  First you should exfoliate the skin, to open the pores and help absorption of the minerals.  Then, add 100 g salt to 3 liters water, cool the mixture and apply it throughout the day.

For a peeling mixture, simply dissolve the salt in essential oil and then you can rub it into your skin.  This paste will make your skin smooth and soft to the touch.  Try to do this once or twice a week or every day if it is to treat skin problems.

If you have problem with sinuses, you can mix a small teaspoon of the salt with half a liter of water and mix this solution with a syringe.

You should know that once the salt crystals deposit on the bottom of the container, the dissolving of the salt has stopped and it can be used.  Spray this solution into both nostrils and immediately you will begin to breathe more easily.

Himalayan salt can also be beneficial for the following health issues:

  • If you feel nausea due to traveling, soak a cloth in water and this salt and put it around your neck
  • If you have an ear infection, you can use the same saline solution.
  • For treating food fungus, soak the feet in such a saline solution.
  • For treating a sore throat, gargle with a saline solution. Just remember not to swallow it.

In addition, every home should have a Himalayan salt lamp, which provides much healthier light than that or ordinary lamps as well as being very useful.

These lamps treat depression, chronic fatigue, asthma and seasonal allergies, and are highly recommended by Feng-Shui followers.  The lamp should be placed in the office, bedroom or children’s room.

The lamp’s salt crystals emit heated negative ions which naturally purify the air and boost overall health.  The lamps last for ages and you can buy them online for about 20 dollars.


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