Ireland Joins France, Germany and Bulgaria in Banning Fracking​

Congratulations to one more country for caring about its land and its residents.

The Senate of Ireland finally approved a bill to ban onshore fracking, a debatable drilling practice. Now the bill goes to the president of Ireland, Michael D Higgins for signature and it’s anticipated to be signed and implemented by the end of the year.

Watch video here:

The video was posted in 2014, but people still share the same thoughts and feelings regarding this dangerous drilling technique.

Ireland will be joining three other European Union countries (Bulgaria, France and Germany) who have already outlawed the fracking practice.

Fine Gael TD Tony McLoughlin presented the bill the previous year and the bill was voted in parliament this year. Following the vote, he posted on his tweeter account that it has been one of the “proudest moments” in his political career and that Ireland has “made history”.

He said that the ban of fracking will protect many people living in the Western and North-Western parts of Ireland, who were the one exposed to the negative effects of fracking the most. Fracking affects their air and water, which impairs the overall health and wellbeing of the people living there and damages the environment. United States is another country that has seen great harm from the fracking practices and who is in the process of banning it as well.

Unfortunately, the profits from this practice are excessive and in order to win this fight, we all have to stand and speak out together so that we can provide a better and healthier world for the current and future generations.


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