Cannabis Oil Cures 3 Year Old Boy Of Cancer After Doctors Gave Him 48 Hours To Live

Landon Riddle was a 3-year-old boy when he was diagnosed with leukemia. According to his doctors, he had 8-10% chance of living for more than 48 hours.

His mother was with him all the time and as she explains, his whole chest wall full of leukemia tumors and was immediately subjected to chemotherapy. They have been struggling with chemotherapy for two months and he was vomiting at least 50 times a day during that period. Eventually, the doctors lost all hope and gave him only 2 days to live as his condition wasn’t improved by the chemotherapy.

Then, his grandmother suggested an alternative. She read somewhere that cannabis oil can provide a significant help against all kinds of tumors and the family decided to go with it before giving up on their child.

The family flew to Colorado the same day that they discharged him from the hospital and stopped with the chemo. The reason they chose Colorado was that cannabis oil treatment was legal there. They have already discussed Landon’s condition with a medical team in Utah and immediately started the treatment.

To everyone’s surprise, Landon’s health started improving in only a few days. Not only did he outlive those two last days that were given to him, his condition started to improve rapidly. The vomiting was reduced and his appetite was restored. He soon started smiling again and that filled everyone’s hearts with joy. It was a miracle! Shortly after, the tumors disappeared and little Landon completely won the battle.

In a blog post, his mother thanked the Utah medical team that helped Landon and described the painful process that her child went through. She strongly advocated for the use of cannabis oil over pharmaceuticals and recommended this treatment for everyone suffering from this malicious disease. She encouraged parents to try out new alternative methods of treatment if the prescribed chemotherapy isn’t working and, as in her case, is making the condition worse.

For more info on the battle she and Landon fought, watch the following short video:


Author: John Vibes
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