6 Reasons Why Highly Intelligent People Can’t Find Happiness

According to the results of many studies, greater intelligence acts as a double-edged sword when it is linked to the happiness. Even the people with high level of intelligence are better equipped to provide for themselves, because they may strive to achieve more and be less satisfied with their status.

Many genii probably won’t have the same amount of life satisfaction as someone of average intelligence.

Here are 6 reasons why highly intelligent people cannot find happiness:

  1. Intelligent people aim for bigger things

The people with the high levels of intelligence aren’t satisfied all that they achieve in their life. The main reason for this condition is their increased ability to imagine bigger things. Those people are may be looking for a bigger purpose, a pattern or a meaning, or may also be driven too far away by their intense imagination, which makes it impossible for them to enjoy the good things their lives. For them, the life of ordinary people is boring.

Many of them even think that they live in a different era and that this planet isn’t their real place.

Of, course, all those things make them unhappy.

  1. They lean towards over-thinking

A large number of them analyze in details anything that happens in their life. However, sometimes, too much thinking could be really exhausting, mainly if that leads to the conclusions that frustrate them.

Even the ability to analyze things is great, paying too much attention to everything can produce tiredness. If we are aware that today’s world appears to be a disappointing place, occupied by wrong people, it is normal that these feelings affect everyone, especially those who better understand and expect more.  The reflection on the philosophical problems, endless questions of life, and global affairs that don’t have answers have a negative impact on their happiness and well-being.

In order to make their lives happier, they should learn to ignore all negative impacts.

  1. Nobody appreciates the depth with which they can analyze and see things

One of the biggest problems for highly intelligent people is that they can hardly find someone that really understands them. This is always important that when the people understand each other, the stress in their life disappears. Those people may feel lonely and misunderstood because in most cases, their depth of analyzing is not appreciated by others.

According to the experts, the people with high IQ do not need to socialize as much as those with average IQ, in order to be happy. Actually, they do feel the need to meet people and want to talk about fascinating and meaningful things instead of talking about subjects such as weather, food, shopping etc.

  1. They judge themselves too hard

They often judge themselves using stronger criteria, and that can cause unhappiness, too. This condition isn’t about their failures and successes, but it is all linked to their personality. Their deep thinking impacts their actions and behavior and tends to the highest standards. In the most of the cases, this tendency causes them to blame themselves for no reason.

This strong judgment can disturb their mind and mess up their mood, too. They, also cannot get a restorative sleep or spend their day cheerfully because of the same reason, as these negative emotions are enough to remove happiness from their lives.

  1. They match almost everything with their high standards

The standards of the high intelligent people are on the greater levels, as they know what they want. In addition, anything which is less than they would expect cannot satisfy them, and that is the reason why they are often unhappy.

  1. They are prone to developing mental disorders

Researchers found that there is a strong correlation between psychiatric disorders (such as bipolar disorders and social anxiety) and highly intelligent minds. Some of the experts define these disorders as side effects of a brilliant mind.

Most of the people with a high IQ are prone to existential depression that often results from over-thinking. When they are keeping on analyzing everything deeply, it can be a possibility to begin thinking about the life and death, or begin searching for the meaning of the existence. That’s why they may start re-evaluating their own life, which can make them unhappy and might increase their risk of developing a severe mental disorder.

Source: irelease.org

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