2 Baby Triplets Found Dead in Crib After “Wellness Visit”

In this article, we will present you a very sad story about the recent death of the 2 baby triplets in the Wildmill area of Bridgend while they slept. The main reason for this tragedy was carbon monoxide poisoning.

They were found not breathing, by their single mother Sarah Owens, 29 when she checked them in the morning.

Paramedics’ intervention didn’t help because the two of the triplets (Charlie and Noah) were already dead when they took them in the hospital, while the third (Ethan) survived.

According to their grandmother and the neighbors even they were born premature, but they were all doing so well.

What causes the releasing of the carbon monoxide?

The experts that investigated this case pronounced that it was caused by the faulty heater.

Carbon monoxide is called also ‘silent killer’ because it is poisoning but it doesn’t have any specific smell or taste.

There is an evidence that every year in the UK, more than 200 people go to the hospital with suspected carbon monoxide poisoning and around 50 of them die.

It easily enters the bloodstream after it is breathed in, and mixes with hemoglobin to form carboxyhemoglobin. In this case, the blood is no longer able to carry oxygen, and this lack of oxygen causes the body’s cells and tissue to fail and die.

A Go Fund Me has been set up by the children’s Godmother, so all that are able to help, please do it, here is a link




Daily Mail, September 23, 2017.



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